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Sceneyuan pellet smoker tube is a light weight, long lasting smoke generator that will enhance your grill`n with a delicious flavorful smoke taste. It can be used in almost any smoker or grill for hot and cold smoke. Burns pellets and supplements smoke at 225+ degrees. Works well in pellet or non-pellet smoker /grills. Simply fill the smoker tube with good quality dry smoker pellets of your flavor choice It is complemented with a brush that will make life easier [...]

How to Use a Wood Chip Smoker Box

Using a grill smoker box allows you to impart a rich smoke flavor to any grilled food using normal charcoal, gas, or electric grills. Smoker boxes are small metal boxes designed to hold damp wood chips which give off smoke as they are heated. Both stainless steel and cast iron smoke boxes are available. Choose one that fits easily into your grill.