Stainless Steel Perforated Metal

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal offers outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance properties and prolonged service life with exotic look. It is suitable for use in the renovation or replacement of old slippery platforms, stair treads, walkways etc. Stainless Steel Perforated Metal sheet is commonly made of austenitic stainless steel grades 304 and 316 and is punched in the different hole sizes and designs.

Perforated Metal Mesh Basics

Perforated metal mesh panels, also known as perforated metal mesh sheets, are used in countless industrial and architectural applications. With options in shape, size and material, perforated or woven metal mesh panels can be crafted for virtually any purpose.

Perforated Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet

We are manufacture and export Perforated Sheets which are made up from different materials such as Brass, Copper, Steel, Bronze, Lead, Aluminum, Tinplate, Paper, Plastic. We can supply you with as many holes, irrespective of shape, as your needs may dictate! we supply perforated metals in steels, plates, or in coil form in a variety of widths and thickness. We also make Wire Meshes & Wedge Wire Screens.


Surface treatment for aluminum material: – Natural aluminum alloy surface, polished, shine or a dull mill finish; – Anodized finish; – Powder coating; – PVDF coating. PVDF Coatings Available in all RAL colors PVDF coated perforated aluminum is durable and resistant to rains / moisture, sunlight and chemicals. Applied to Perforated Sheet used for outdoor or exterior building walls decoration. Powder / Polyester Coating Powder coated aluminum perforated panels are mainly applied to interior / indoor decorations. A variety of architectural textures is rendered easily with powder coating.

Characteristics Expanded metal sheet

One of the benefits from the manufacturing of expanded metal is that the sheet retains its structural integrity because it has not undergone the stress of having shapes punched in it (like perforated sheet), and the mesh-like pattern will not unravel (like woven mesh can do). Expanded metal has been stretched rather than punched, reducing scrap metal waste; making it cost-effective. The main considerations when using expanded metal will be the chosen thickness and strand dimensions (weight and structural [...]

Manufacturing Process expanded

Expanded metal sheet is made by first creating multiple slits in the sheet, and then stretching the sheet. The stretching creates a unique diamond pattern opening with one of the strands protruding at a slight angle. These raised strands can be flattened later in the process if desired. As you can see this process creates no waste (thus keeping down production costs) and it can add structural strength to the product. Perforated metal sheet perforated Perforated metal sheet is a product that [...]


Standard weight and heavy duty variants are available and include 1″ x 1″, 1/2″ x 1″, and modified 1/2″ x 1″ mesh designation. A true 1/2″ x 1/2″ construction is available in standard weight. All flat wire conveyor belts over 60″ wide have their pickets tack welded to the rods to stop the pickets from narrowing when the belts are operated under high tension or at high speeds. See the technical bulletin for further information.

Characteristics of Perforated Aluminum

Very versatile Naturally lightweight and easy to work with Highly resistant to corrosion Cost-efficient material Durable and long-lasting Perforated Aluminum Applications Ideal for indoor and outdoor structures Decorative surfaces Architectural elements Noise-resistant walls and ceilings Acoustical panels for sound control Sunshades to control light Privacy applications Air diffusers for HVAC equipment

stainless steel woven wire mesh screen for mine

Our primary focus is the manufacture of woven wire mesh and cloth, especially in stainless steel, for industrial uses, chemical fiber, mining, filtration, and a wide range of uses. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh & Cloth, as an ideal filter medium, stands out when solutions for precise filtration and excellent corrosion resistance are needed. It excels in giving problem-free screening and is easily cleanable with excellent durability. The space wire weaves in square opening or rectangular openings can be woven [...]

General Information of Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belts

Stainless steel wire material is strong and has excellent properties against corrosion and heat in its nature. Conveyor belting made of stainless steel wire mesh structure can be popularly used in ceramics, pharmaceutical industries, food processing (baking, freezing and cooling of bread and others), metallurgy, building materials (roof tile manufacture), glass treating, printing and other industries. Supplied in mesh rolls or belt panels / strips. Major structures applied for ss belts manufacture include V balanced weave, flat flex, chain [...]