Raised Expanded Metal

Raised Expanded metal, also referred to as standard expanded metal, is the format of steel, aluminum or stainless steel after it has been put through the expanding press. The shearing and stretching of the expanding process creates strands and bonds that are set at a uniform angle to the plane on the sheet. This adds strength and rigidity to the material, while providing a directional skid-resistant surface.

Drill metal sieve sheet for filter

Shijiazhuang High-tech Sceneyu Hardware Metal Mesh Co.,Ltd.manufacture perforated metal,they are widely used for wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining, painting as well as the industries of cigarette, sugar, foodstuff, noise-sliencer, environmental protection, agricultural machine, chemical industry and pharmacy industry. Drill metal sieve sheet for filter material contain: stainless steel 304, galvanized steel, steel , brass, aluminum and so on. Holes size: 0.5mm- 20mm, length and width of [...]

Drill perforated metal sieve sheet

Shijiazhuang High-Tech Sceneyu Hardware Metal Mesh Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of various sieve products. Stainless steel perforated metal sieve sheet are widely used for wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining, painting as well as the industries of cigarete, sugar, foodstuff, noise-sliencer, environmetal protection, agriculture machine, chemical industry and pharmacy industry.

Application for Mining and quarry screens

Wire screens are best suited for the screening of abrasive materials due to their high wear rate. High-tensile screens serve many mining and quarry applications, including the screening of all types of minerals, soil, sand and stone crushing. The screening media is ready for installation on machines of all types and ideal for many industries: mineral processing, cement, chemical, gravel, sand, coal, iron ore and much more.


These stone crusher mesh screens are widely used today and you will find different types screen mesh for crushers which are commonly used in crushing industry. You will commonly find its application in mining industry as mining screen, quarrying industry as quarrying screen and also as screen deck. But, popularly they are used for the stone crushers, vibrating screen, asphalt mix round equipment, road construction equipments, and screen deck. The diameter of the stone crusher mesh screen usually range [...]

How to Clean Metal Coffee Filter Baskets?

One of the best reusable pour-over coffee filter options is metal or stainless steel. It’s relatively durable and naturally hygienic when cared for properly. If your filter is metal, one of the best parts of cleaning your coffee filter is that stains are very easy to spot. Rinse your coffee filter after every use under warm running water. There are two main methods to clean reusable coffee filter baskets using simple household products: vinegar and baking soda. 1.The Baking Soda Method Take any [...]

How To Specify Wire Mesh?

In order to request a quote or order material, it is essential to identify your complete wire mesh specifications. Please find below the seven key criteria needed to request a quote or to place an order with us. Quantity – how many pieces or rolls do you require for your application? Do you need 1 roll, or cut into pieces? Mesh (Mesh Count) — first, measure 1″ (from center to wire to center of wire), then count the number of openings [...]

How Is Perforated Metal Made?

Perforated metal is a kind of sheet metal that has had a pattern of holes drilled or stamped into it by a machine. It’s also called perforated board, perforated plate, or perforated screen, and it’s made out of stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminium, and other materials. The method of manually or mechanically stamping or punching a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes is known as perforation. The method has been in use for over 150 years. Metal displays were [...]

How to make a full-bodied cup of coffee?

Put the desired amount of coffee in the bottom of a glass cup. Pour your measured amount of hot water over the grounds. This needs to be stirred once and then steeped for about five minutes. Then, hold the fine-mesh sieve over a mug and pour the coffee through. The result? A full-bodied cup of coffee! Enjoy it!

Have your pets ever destroyed your window screens or screen doors?

Pet-resistant screen isn’t just durable against the claws and teeth of our domesticated buddies. Pet screens can withstand the destruction of some critters such as squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and other animals. Pet screen mesh can be a helpful deterrent against such animals, but there are other screen types like stainless steel screen that can also be helpful against other furry nuisances.