welded wire mesh

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal offers outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance properties and prolonged service life with exotic look. It is suitable for use in the renovation or replacement of old slippery platforms, stair treads, walkways etc.Stainless Steel Perforated Metal sheet is commonly made of austenitic stainless steel grades 304 and 316 and is punched in the different hole sizes and designs.

Perforated Metal Mesh Screens

Metal screens with precise features can be made using the chemical etching process. Our etching process allowing us to create intricate features in the form of very fine webs and holes. Photo etched screens have a higher degree of dimensional stability, so they stand up to stress during etching, handling, and use in demanding applications. From food grade and clean room applications to the most sensitive technological requirements, photo etched screens are extremely flexible and versatile. Here are just a few [...]

Round Hole Perforated Plate Sieves

Perforated metal sheets for standard test sieves manufacture are usually produced by punching of carbon steel and stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, etc. Mostly used is round hole perforated metal plate. Why Choose Perforated Plate Sieves Instead of Woven Wire Mesh Sieves? The test sieves made of perforated sheets/plates enable improved productivity in many fields of operations: pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgic, environmental and for special programs of chipping, control sifting (industrial sieves) and solid filtering.How to Choose Round Hole Perforated Plate Sieves? Compared with square [...]

Applications of chain plate conveyor belt

chain link plate conveyor belt can be selected according to the materials and process requirements, and can meet the different needs of all walks of life. Widely used in the automatic delivery, distribution, and post-packaging of food, cans, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and detergents, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco.

Smoking Cube Wood Pellet Tube with S hook&cleaning brush

You’ll be surprised how easy is to use our smoker tube: simply add your favorite wood pellets inside, light the pellets and set the smoker on the grill to produce an awesome quality smoke for up to 5 hours. Cleaning tube brush will help you to clean the residue easily after each use; 2 S-hooks can be used to hang the smoker and the brush onto your wall of grill tools and accessories

SmokinCube Pellet Smoker Cube (12 Inch )

Stainless Steel Perforated Cubic Wood Pellet Smoker – Puts Smoke Flavoring in all Grilled Meats | Smoke Flavor-FAST and EASY! BUILT TO LAST – This 12 inch smoker cube is crafted with the finest 100% stainless steel material in the market, which is thick and durable that will never break, bend or rust easily, even after many uses, SmokinCube will last for a long time unlike any other brands.

Concreate brick wall building mesh Install

Concreate brick wall building mesh (expanded metal lath) is chiefly supplied in mesh coils or strips. With big spacing diamond openings. The expanded metal mesh for lathing uses are Stainless steel sheets, mild steel or galvanized or hot dipped sheets. How the Expanded Metal Reinforcement Works: Embedded in the normal thickness of a brickwork joint, expanded metal reinforcement reduces the detrimental effects of vibration and changes of temperature. The application gives brickwork increased resistance to tensional stresses. The brickwork reinforcement (coil [...]

stainless steel reinforcement application

Manufactured using ribbed bar to BS 6744 to the mesh patterns given in BS4483 and typically used where the concrete cover to the steel is minimal, or where a long life cycle is required. Panels are produced using mechanical or manual welding methods. Sceneyuan Hardware Co.,Ltd.,has facilities to manufacture panels up to the standard 4m x 2m size. Panels can be made to customer specifications and bent if required.