Gabion Box

Gabion Box

Material of gabion :
Low carbon Iron Wire galvanized or pvc coated, stainless steel wire
Gabion Wire Diameter:
2.0mm-4.0mm after PVC or PE is 3.0mm-4.5mm
Gabion Sizes:
4m*1m*1m, 3m*1m*1m, 2m*1m*1m, 2m*1m*0.5m, 4m*1m*1m.
Surface Treatment of gabion
electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized then PVC-coated.

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Advantage of gabion box:
1. Economical and practical, only put the stones into cages and sealed;
2. Convenient transportation, folded the box, then installation in the construction site;
3. Corrosion resistant, have the ability of undertaking bad weather;
4. Could undertake the large scale out of shape;
5. Slush in the crack, benefit for plants growing;
6. Good permeability.
7. Less transport freight. It can be folded together for transport and further installation

Application of gabion mesh:
Control and guide of water or flood
Flood bank or guiding bank
Preventing of rock breaking
Water and soil protection
Bridge protection
Strengthening structure of soil

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